Appointments for consultations can be arranged with either Mr Ramesh C Mistry D.Pod M, HPC (Chiropodist and Podiatrist) or with Mr Amratt Mistry MCFHP, MAFHP (Foot Health Practitioner)

Specialist and surgical foot care can be undertaken by Mr Ramesh C Mistry D.Pod M, HPC (Member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists)

Routine Podiatry eg corns and callus debridement/thickened/fungal nail

Treatment of Verruca using acids/freezing/Marigold treatments

Ingrown toe nails

Painful bunions, hammer toes, big toe joint pain

Flat feet, heel pain / plantar fascitis

Biomechancis and gait anylasis

Sports Injuries eg shin splints, ankle strains / sprains / achilles tendonitis

Homeopathic injections as an alternative to cortisone therapy


Knee and lowerback pain

Marigold theraphy as a safe natural treatments for effective treatment of corns, callus and thickened nails

Orthotics (shoe inserts for realigning the body)

General foot care can be undertaken by Mr Amratt Mistry (mobile foot care specialist)

Musculoskeletal examination

Diabetic foot care


Fungal infections of skin and nails

Cracked heels and callus

Ingrown toe nails

Hard corns, seed corns on plantar and soft corns interdigitally

Discoloured toenails

Medical conditions that can adversely affect foot health

Sterile instrumens are used to remove corns, dead skin & improve the condition of the feet.

Wax bath

Foot massage

Use of a range of products based on the properties of organic Australian Emu Oil which have healing properties.

This range uniquely fuses health and beauty ensuring that the effects of foot treatments last longer.


Please contact us for more information about our general and specialist foot care services on 0116 2555247.